Le Vie dei Tesori a Scicli – 4^ Edizione

Once arrived in Scicli, It will be difficult to go away. So enchanted is this town with the eighteenth-century facades of via Mormino Penna or Palazzo Beneventano – according to Unesco – “a masterpiece of the human creative genius of the late Baroque age”. Solemn and welcoming at the same time, it is a hymn to the quality of life. It is no coincidence that Inspector Montalbano has chosen it as his workplace. And it was the fiction that turned the spotlight on this strip of Sicily where the buildings seem to be made of lace, the churches climb the mountain and from up there they seem to protect the town. Among these wonders Le Vie dei Tesori, in Scicli for the fourth edition, offers a journey in complete safety, full of historical and literary echoes. Among baroque churches, sumptuous palaces, colleges, museums, but also forgotten quarries.

Three weekends (Saturday, Sunday)

from 2 to 17 October 2021
Coupons also valid for Ragusa and Noto